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4 Types Of Flower That Are Perfect For Wedding Bouquets

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Everyone knows the bride is the star of the wedding, and with all eyes on her, the dress and bouquet need to be perfect. Flowers, and their associated meanings, can convey a message to your groom and wedding guests. Whether you want your wedding to be elegant, reserved, vibrant or laidback, your choice of flowers can help set the tone of your big day. Here’s an overview of four flowers to consider for your wedding bouquet: Read More»

Considerations When Purchasing a Tote Bag

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A fashion accessory you could consider investing for your bag collection is a tote bag. These are rather large bags with zippers, and sometimes ties, for closing purposes. The bags are available in a large collection of materials such as polyester and canvas among other recyclable materials. However, these are not the only options that are available to you. If you would like a tote bag made from materials that will last, you should consider those manufactured from cowhides, such as suede or leather. Read More»

How a Point of Sales System Can Help You Increase Your Sales in Your Fashion Boutique Business

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You’ve selected the best designers, brands and styles for your fashion boutique, your shop looks beautiful and welcoming, yet, revenue is trickling and the question ‘How do I get more sales?’ is constantly on your mind. A simple way to increase your sales is to make the most of your point-of-sale (POS) system. Track what sells You may have an intuitive feel for what your customers want, but a good POS system will give you firm knowledge backed by data. Read More»