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4 Types Of Flower That Are Perfect For Wedding Bouquets

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Everyone knows the bride is the star of the wedding, and with all eyes on her, the dress and bouquet need to be perfect. Flowers, and their associated meanings, can convey a message to your groom and wedding guests. Whether you want your wedding to be elegant, reserved, vibrant or laidback, your choice of flowers can help set the tone of your big day. Here's an overview of four flowers to consider for your wedding bouquet:


The classic rose is a well-known symbol of romance and love, but if you're thinking it may be too commonplace or boring for your bouquet, think again. There are thousands of varieties of roses available year-round, and some varieties even have attractive bi-colour patterns. The hybrid tea rose has exquisitely formed pointed petals, while the old-fashioned garden variety has a bushy head and a wonderful scent that will take you back to the summers of your childhood. Alternatively, a bouquet of spray roses with several heads on each stem will work well with a full dress that has lots of intricate detailing.


Tulips represent love and happiness and come in a range of pastel and vibrant hues. This makes them an easy flower to match to your chosen colour scheme, and they work well for both casual and elegant affairs. If you want something a little different to the classic Dutch tulip, consider parrot tulips, which have ruffled petals, or French tulips, which have larger blooms and longer stems.


These dainty flowers were considered to represent marital happiness by the Victorians. They are arranged into a round bouquet, and the star-shaped white blossoms ooze elegance. They are stunning without being bold and won't overshadow the beauty of your dress. They also have a mild scent that's delicately sweet with notes of jasmine.  

Sweet Pea

Signifying lasting pleasure, delicate sweet peas are available in various shades of pink and purple and in classic white. With ruffled blossoms and a strong scent that has notes of honey, sweet peas are reminiscent of English garden parties and ideal if you want a bouquet that's both traditional and elegant.

Your florist will ensure your bouquet complements your dress and overall atmosphere of your wedding. They will base their arrangement on the information you have communicated to them, so be clear about what you want from your big day, and provide photos of your dress and venue to allow them to create your perfect bouquet.