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How a Point of Sales System Can Help You Increase Your Sales in Your Fashion Boutique Business

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You've selected the best designers, brands and styles for your fashion boutique, your shop looks beautiful and welcoming, yet, revenue is trickling and the question 'How do I get more sales?' is constantly on your mind. A simple way to increase your sales is to make the most of your point-of-sale (POS) system.

Track what sells

You may have an intuitive feel for what your customers want, but a good POS system will give you firm knowledge backed by data. Using your POS, you can track every sale, run regular reports and be informed what it is exactly that your customers are looking for. You can then stock better variety by the designers that sell more and eliminate items that are taking up your store space but not bringing in any money.

Automate upselling

With your POS software, you can set up your selling process so that your staff receives an automated reminder to upsell, as well as a list of suggested items that complement what your customer is already buying. You can offer small accessories or point to another item by the same designer. Your POS system will also help you pinpoint the most successful upselling strategies so that you can focus on them in the future.

Stay in touch with your customers

If someone asks for an item that you don't currently have or wants to be notified when you receive new stock, you can easily add their email or phone number to your POS system. Then when the items arrive, an automatic email or SMS will go out to let the customers know that what they requested is available. They'll be impressed by your prompt customer service and they'll remember to come into the shop without you having to do any extra work to bring them in. As soon as you update your system that your stock has arrived, your POS will be triggered to execute this task automatically for you.

You can take this approach one step further and make it part of your sales process to ask customers proactively if they'd like to receive notifications. An automated reminder can be set up so that your staff doesn't forget.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing

Another question you can include in your sales process is to ask your new customers how they found you and record their answers using your POS system. You can then run a report to see which marketing channels are effective for your business and which ones are a waste of your marketing budget. This knowledge will enable you to focus your efforts on what works and get higher return on your marketing dollars.