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Top Tips for Patch Lead Installation and Organisation

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Network cabling is arguably one of the essential roles of a network engineer. Unfortunately, some new network architects do not give cabling the seriousness it deserves and only treat it as a plug-and-play task. The network cabling strategy often leads to communication problems in the future. Notably, patch lead installation and organisation requires care and attention to detail for reliable performance. This article highlights tips for the proper installation of patch leads. Read More»

4 Types Of Flower That Are Perfect For Wedding Bouquets

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Everyone knows the bride is the star of the wedding, and with all eyes on her, the dress and bouquet need to be perfect. Flowers, and their associated meanings, can convey a message to your groom and wedding guests. Whether you want your wedding to be elegant, reserved, vibrant or laidback, your choice of flowers can help set the tone of your big day. Here’s an overview of four flowers to consider for your wedding bouquet: Read More»